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Teen girlfriend giving a blowjob webcam

This day had begun with an early morning swim. She hadn’t been able to get herself to strip off her bathing suit before entering like she used to do as a teen but once in the water she peeled it off and tossed it up on the bank. The cool enveloping water took her back to memories of her earliest sexual exploits. She thought about the lakeside drinking parties, the midnight skinny dips and Johnny Driscol. Her hands traced the route that his had taken twenty years ago. She’d explored the curves of her own body and thought about what it must have felt like to him.

And now standing in front of the full mirror, still pink and wet from the hot water she sees the woman she wants to be double imaged over the woman she wishes she could leave behind. She knows she is beautiful. That has never been a problem. Her body is good, legs strong and a firm fanny from riding. Her waist is narrow and has kept her looking good in her sexy under things…

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